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Traditional C/C++ and PERL (object ORIENTED)

We develop/port and maintain standard C/C++ and perl programs. We have expertise in both object oriented C++ and perl. See the C/C++ Perl page for details.

MObile DEvelopment FOr IPHone and Android

We are able to design and develop applications for both android and iphone mobile phones and any background services required by your app. Typically a web service or push notifications to your app users.

We can develop high performance apps that are highly optimised to a particular platform, or use a development style that allows easier porting to other mobile platforms.


Many apps can be designed to use the common webkit based browser built into both iphone, android and other mobile phones. These are still native apps with full access to all the device hardware features but have the advantage that they can be more readily ported to multiple mobile platforms.

If you already have existing web based services we can usually design an app that will reuse much of your existing web investment and can be ported to multiple mobile platforms.


Costs are hugely variable, an app based on our Augmented Reality Movie  Framework, could cost as little as £1000, but more usually apps can cost from around £5,000 and up depending on the complexity. We can give you a ballpark figure after a few minutes discussion.


Please contact use directly to discuss your app idea:


Bristol, UK 0117 962 5678

or use  the Contact Form:

The mobile revolution has just stated. Don’t get left behind. If you conduct business on the web you need to start thinking about a mobile presence.

This could be easier than you think. Existing web infrastructure can be retargeted towards mobile.

Contact us to discuss how.

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Unity 3D iphone/ipad camera texture with record and playback available.