Mobile Development Services

Predictions Software have developed software for a wide range of technical applications, not just mobile. We are experts in handling large data volumes efficiently.

Strangely enough mobile apps often have to solve equivalent problems. In the mobile environment the data volumes may be smaller, but the available processing power is also much less. For example, see our openGL video texture library.

We use our experience to develop apps that can make use of the limited communication and processing capability of a mobile platform to give amazing performance.


Develop/Maintain mobile apps,

Develop/Host server side support for apps,

Conversion of existing web resources for mobile,

Optimisation of data/images for mobile,

Mobile offline “web sites”.

Augmented Reality with Vuforia™


We have developed both Unity and OpenGL iphone/ipad apps using the Vuforia Augmented Reality(AR) system. See the Apple Appstore  for a Unity3D based app SintelAR, combining native UIKit views with Unity and an OpenGL App BunnyAR also in the Apple AppStore that combines a Vuforia OpenGL view with UIKit integration.

The full source code of these apps can be licensed for a DIY customisation by you, to get your app coded quickly launched in the AppStore, with the confidence that a range of problems have already been solved and similarly construcked app have passed the Apple review process. Alternatively we can customize these apps to your specification at minimal cost.

Please contact us for details